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The side sections are 101-105 and 114-118.
The rows in the side sections run from “A-W” followed by “AA-HH”.
The end sections are 106-113 and 119-126.
The rows in the end sections run from “A-W” followed by “AA-KK”.
Entry to each section from the plaza level is at row “R”.
Wheelchair or disabled seating is in row “R”.

The side sections are 301-305 and 318-322.
The end sections are 306-317 and 323-334.
The rows in the side and end sections run from “A-Q”.
Entry to each section from the mezzanine level is at row “C”.
Wheelchair or disabled seating is in row “C”.

Seating extends beyond the hockey dasherboards onto the floor for basketball games. While floor seating for basketball games varies depending on the game, generally the rows on the floor along the sides are “1-2” or “1-3” and rows on the ends are “2-15.”

Floor seating for concerts and other floor events (such as some stage shows, wrestling or boxing) varies greatly depending on the stage (or ring) placement. The stage for most concerts and other stage shows is typically located at the east end of the floor near sections 120-125, facing toward sections 106-113. Wrestling and boxing events typically use a center ring; some concerts use a center stage configuration as well. Floor seating sections are labeled by single letters of the alphabet (i.e. “A-G”). Floor seats are padded folding chairs and are all on a flat floor level, not tiered, and are numbered from right to left when facing the stage.

There are no rows with the following letters: I, O, X, Y, Z, II.
Seats in all rows are numbered left to right with seat number 1 located closest to the preceding section. For example, seat 1 in each row of section 102 is closest to section 101.

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